Incident at Stanborough Park – Welwyn

A few days after the last Start Fitness Metropolitan League fixture at Stanborough Park, I received a complaint from the Park Manager, which had also been sent to the local Environmental Protection Officer. The essence of this complaint was that a male runner had bumped into a woman who was walking in the park, knocking her umbrella into her and hurting her. Not only did he continue without checking whether he had caused any injury but he did not even bother to apologise. As stated in the ‘Instructions to Runners’ this is a public park and it is necessary to take care. This type of behaviour is not acceptable and I am disappointed that a fellow runner showed such disregard for his actions. Furthermore, we depend upon the goodwill of the public to be allowed to use these public amenities. As a race organiser, I will take steps to avoid a future occurrence but, in the event of a similar incident, I hope all competitors will appreciate that the priority is to check the well-being of the injured party.

Richard Bloom